Make your own hat

Hello Everybody,

For this week recommendation, we are focussing on developing our crafting skills!

Have you ever wondered how those amazing hats for events such as weddings and Royal Ascot are made?  Perhaps not but it has certainly intrigued me over the wedding and race season!

We found a very easy to learn workshop which we guarantee even those of you with little confidence in your millinery skills can easily pick up; trust me!

We were blessed to meet Sahar who runs the workshops in London ( Here you can learn all about different styles and techniques and create your own headwear.  The atmosphere in the class if very friendly and I can personally promise a high satisfaction level for a new inspiring activity, give it a go and tell us about it.

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

Hi everybody,

This time we would like to inspire you to learn something new and challenging! You might think it is difficult but it is really not. With a little bit of practise anyone can learn how to solve the famous Rubik’s cube. It is great fun and helps to train your brain. Also helps with self improvement. If I can do it you can do it 😉 so don’t hesitate, order one now!
The Get Inspired Team – An