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Hello Everybody,

This episode is also a very special one which is really close to my heart (probably the closest)! One of my biggest dream was to understand the language of music and to be able to play at least a little bit on the guitar.
Alone it would have been very challenging! Thanks to Guitar Social I haven’t just learnt to play, I also met with amazing people and I have learnt a lot about music history and different styles and techniques. The only time when I wish I was a teenager again and I had as much time as I had back then. I admire everybody who can play really well. I don’t think I will ever be a rock star but just to be able to play the main chords gives me real happiness and satisfaction. It feels so special to understand this secret connection with that instrument.
All I can say that please don’t ever wait as long as I did, get inspired and start to learn guitar (or any other instruments) and get connected with music.

Love, An
The Get Inspired London team

Special thanks to Thomas and The Guitar Social

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