Let’s bake – Honey man

Hello Everybody,

this week we were baking and we chose the Hungarian version of the gingerbread man which I just call ginger man. This yummy version hasn’t got ginger in it but we use honey (a lot)!
It is very easy to make, last for weeks and you will be very popular in the office or within the family. Trust me, it has been tested many many times. It is easy to make, fun with kids as well and it might inspire you to get into baking 🙂

Ingredients (using a general 2,5 dl mug):

8 mug plain flour (1kg)
1,5 mug icing sugar (30 dkg / 0.3kg)
3 spoon bicarbonate of soda
1 spoon mixed spices & 1 spoon cinnamon
30 dkg / 0.3 kg margarin r butter (room temperature)
1 mug honey (2,5dl)
3 eggs

Just mix the dry ingredients then the rest, mix it all up until it is like a ball, add some flout if it is too sticky but not much because when you start to use the forms you need flour anyway.
Once you have a nice ball you can start to make the shapes. Put them on baking paper and put them in the oven for 10 min max on 180 degrees (never more). Once they are all cold you can start to decorate them. It is really that easy 🙂 I would never make anything which is too complicated… Life is too short.

We hope you like it!


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