London in a day

Hello Everybody,

this time we show you with my cousin and his girlfriend how to check out the most popular places in London in a day!I was lucky enough to have them for the weekend and I made sure they make the most of it. I have prepared this route for us, we hope you like it and find it useful:
– starting from The Tower of London (Tower Hill station)
– crossing Tower bridge
– walking along Southbank
– Shard, Borough Market, The Globe, Tate Modern, St Paul’s
– get on the tube and go to Westminster
– check out Big Ben, London Eye, Downing street
– carry on towards St James’ Park, Buckingham Palace
– Trafalgar Square, National Gallery (Van Gogh, W. Turner etc)
– Piccadilly Circus, Leicester square, Covent Garden, Soho
– Oxford Circus

It takes 8 hours, up to 15 km walking so make sure you have good shoes, cost you no more then your daily travel fee (use Oyster or contactless card). Of course London has many other places and they are all fantastic but you only have a day this is a good route to follow.

We hope you got inspired 😉

Love, An & Aron & Lilla

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