Data Protection

Hello Everybody,

This video is a bit different but also something which I am very passionate about! Helping others 🙂 Unfortunately nowadays data protection is a hot topic and it makes all of us very vulnerable. No matter how good you are, they are better. To be fair, it is impossible to get fully protected and their techniques are getting better and better. They target everybody, no one is safe. However you can do the basics at least so you filter some of them. The easiest rule to follow: NEVER SHARE YOUR DATA WITH ANYONE!

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Just Dance!

Hello Everybody,

Happy to say that we are back! 🙂 Starting the new batch of videos with this great activity which has saved me so many times in my life: DANCING! I have been lucky enough to learn from the most inspiring teachers, met many friends, burnt many calories and helped me through difficult times! Can’t be grateful enough and would love to inspire all of you to go and dance no matter where you are or how old you are! Dancing brings people together and it keeps you alive…

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Vicki, Tomo & Ben – Bam Bam Boogies –
Dax and Xavi Pineapple –
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Love, An The Get Inspired London Team