It started with a journey…

Get Inspired is the loving creation of An, a City girl who started her new life couple of years ago in London.  With her passion for exploring, adventure and sharing with others, her new circumstances (with some new friends!) motivated her to create a group, which has evolved into Get Inspired London.

“I have realised that the best way to meet new people is to try out new things.”  – An

Our aim is to create an inspiring social community uniting like-minded people who wish to develop their mind, body and soul.  You will discover new things about London and about yourself by interacting and connecting with others and even at times pushing through your comfort zone. 

Although London is a big place, it can be lonely, this group allows you to make a fresh start and get momentum back into your life.

With our videos we would like to give you some inspiration and show as many places, activities and ideas as possible.

Check out our Facebook page where we announce all our meetings, put up classes, suggest things to do, motivate and energise.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1336162143067498/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/GetInspiredLDN/

Hear from our Creator An’s own experiences in her very touching and brutally honest blog about her new start: http://www.beingsingleinlondon.com

If you are looking for something new and exciting to do in London, share experiences and grow with others, check us out and GET YOUR JOURNEY STARTED!

The Get Inspired London Team: An, Becca and Emily


As the Mary Poppin’s of connecting people, An is the visionary behind Get Inspired and the energy behind the group.

Her own personal circumstances led her to be very much on her own in the big bustling city of London.  With her passion to help and the determination to change her own circumstances, An set up Get Inspired London.

“My biggest dream is to save the world.” – An

She became passionate with finding new things to do and wanted to share it with like-minded people. After a chance meeting with Becca and a little nudging, An created an inspirational blog documenting her findings in and around London.

An arranged weekly meet-ups and a fantastic group came together and so Get Inspired was born through her vibrant enthusiasm.


During a sales networking event in 2014, Becca was in the audience when the presenter asked the group “do you trust the person sitting next to you?”

She turned to the person sitting next to here and they simultaneously declared “I would trust you”! This turned out to be none other than An – and so began an exciting friendship.

“There is no greater feeling than being the reason for someone’s smile.” – Becca

With her love of writing and bringing people together, Becca brings her entrepreneurial spark to the group.


Emily drives the creativity of our team at Get Inspired London with her passion for art, design and anything digital.

Meeting An at a Get Inspired London event, they formed an instant connection.  Emily was moved by the concept and want to be part of innovating and inspiring others.

“My life was just work then gym, I needed to spread out and grow.” – Emily

With her passion for meeting new people and helping where she can, Emily also works on Empower Hack to help women and girl refugees.

She is excited to be working with the team in the next chapter and her humanitarian heart and flair for the creative is a massive gift for our team.

The Get Inspired London Team
The Get Inspired London Team – An, Em, Becca

PS: An is dedicating this page to her Mum who cannot travel and she would like to show her the world via this blog!  Also they live in different countries therefore she can follow her daughter’s journey 🙂

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