Try out Krav Maga


Hello Everybody,

It is the truth universally acknowledged that after a long week in the office – one has a strong urge to punch something.  Not that we are condoning physical violence in any way; but we have found an outlet that won’t land you straight into the HR department – Krav Maga.

Not only is this a very useful course but also an effective, extremely satisfying workout.  I honestly wish I had learned this when I was younger, my two brothers wouldn’t have stood a chance when attempting that cheeky hair-pull.

Krave Maga teaches great basic self-defence skills whilst getting your body in good shape.  We  signed up to a classe with with instructor Ignatious who is beyond fabulous.  Working alongside his lovely wife Jeanette, together they take videos as a useful way to help you practice and learn by heart.

A brilliant class to get inspired and learn some good moves!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Visit Anglesey Abbey

Hello Everybody,

For our next adventure, we picked an awesome location not far from London for an impromptu day trip!  Anglesey Abbey is perfect for exploring as part of the English Heritage and National Trust there is plenty to see.  

Excellent for a roam around when the weather is good and you are in need for some fresh to blow away those cobwebs.

Here is the link to check it out:

We hope you like it!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team


Try out Paddleboarding

Hello Everybody,

Being somewhat at a loose end, my lovely colleague Nicholas suggested we try a lunch break paddleboard session in Paddington.

Although it may look simple, turns out it wasn’t.  However once my confidence grew the fun factor increased!  It felt amazing to overcome my fear of falling into the water, I honestly thought I would never try it and there I was paddling my heart out.

We hope you enjoy the video and get inspired!
We have used active 360 ( ) as they were offering a teaser session!

Have fun!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Charity run in the mud

Hello Everybody,

Em and I recently undertook the amazing experience to raise money for charity and had to share it with you! We hope it will inspire you to undertake a charitable cause.

We donned our running shoes participated in a 5K muddy obstacle race to support a cancer research charity. It was tough, sweaty and needless to say very muddy but we triumphed.  It was incredibly rewarding and here is the proof we did it, we hope you enjoy!

Love, Emily and An
The Get Inspired London


Make your own hat

Hello Everybody,

For this week recommendation, we are focussing on developing our crafting skills!

Have you ever wondered how those amazing hats for events such as weddings and Royal Ascot are made?  Perhaps not but it has certainly intrigued me over the wedding and race season!

We found a very easy to learn workshop which we guarantee even those of you with little confidence in your millinery skills can easily pick up; trust me!

We were blessed to meet Sahar who runs the workshops in London ( Here you can learn all about different styles and techniques and create your own headwear.  The atmosphere in the class if very friendly and I can personally promise a high satisfaction level for a new inspiring activity, give it a go and tell us about it.

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

Hi everybody,

This time we would like to inspire you to learn something new and challenging! You might think it is difficult but it is really not. With a little bit of practise anyone can learn how to solve the famous Rubik’s cube. It is great fun and helps to train your brain. Also helps with self improvement. If I can do it you can do it 😉 so don’t hesitate, order one now!
The Get Inspired Team – An


Jump out of a plane

Hello Everybody,

so far in my life this experience has given me the highest adrenalin rush for sure! I love watching this video as I feel the buzz again and again. I am not surprised that people get addicted to it so easily. I am so grateful to Agnes, it was her biggest wish due to the fact that she turned 30. Being good friends both Dita and me jumped with her 🙂
Was it scary? oh hell yes, but it was worth it! Highly recommended.
We hope you do get inspired and overcome your fear!

Love, Dita – Agnes – An
The Get Inspired London team