Data Protection

Hello Everybody,

This video is a bit different but also something which I am very passionate about! Helping others 🙂 Unfortunately nowadays data protection is a hot topic and it makes all of us very vulnerable. No matter how good you are, they are better. To be fair, it is impossible to get fully protected and their techniques are getting better and better. They target everybody, no one is safe. However you can do the basics at least so you filter some of them. The easiest rule to follow: NEVER SHARE YOUR DATA WITH ANYONE!

Love, An

Learn how to sew

Hello Everybody,

In the new episode we are showing a very different activity: sewing!!!
This one also means a lot to me as I got my first sewing machine from my grandma when I was 14. She was amazing of course. I have never really learnt how to sew properly back then but I loved it and eventually the machine broke 😦 at least hand sewing I am ok with…

20 years later I thought it was about time to learn this awesome skill! Better late than never, right? 😉

I have put myself into action and googled some places where I could do a sewing course. This is how I found Sew it with Love!
You can check all the courses here:

The beginner course was absolutely fantastic! Step by step we were taught how to use the sewing machine and how to make our own pillow case, tote bag and skirt! All in two days 🙂 Special thanks to Elena and Vanessa.

Get Inspired Ladies and learn how to sew!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Guitar Social


Hello Everybody,

This episode is also a very special one which is really close to my heart (probably the closest)! One of my biggest dream was to understand the language of music and to be able to play at least a little bit on the guitar.
Alone it would have been very challenging! Thanks to Guitar Social I haven’t just learnt to play, I also met with amazing people and I have learnt a lot about music history and different styles and techniques. The only time when I wish I was a teenager again and I had as much time as I had back then. I admire everybody who can play really well. I don’t think I will ever be a rock star but just to be able to play the main chords gives me real happiness and satisfaction. It feels so special to understand this secret connection with that instrument.
All I can say that please don’t ever wait as long as I did, get inspired and start to learn guitar (or any other instruments) and get connected with music.

Love, An
The Get Inspired London team

Special thanks to Thomas and The Guitar Social

Try out Free-jumping

Hello Everybody,

this week we are showing you Free-jumping in London! Great activity, even when you are a beginner just like us. Super sweaty workout, great social activity and increases confidence significantly.
There are many people who show you how to do it, the guys are very helpful. We were lucky enough to meet Emily who was happy to share and teach. Since this video which was made last year we have organized many more and the feedback was overwhelming.
Watch this short teaser and get inspired, try out Free-jumping!
We would love to hear your feedback!

Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Krav Maga


Hello Everybody,

It is the truth universally acknowledged that after a long week in the office – one has a strong urge to punch something.  Not that we are condoning physical violence in any way; but we have found an outlet that won’t land you straight into the HR department – Krav Maga.

Not only is this a very useful course but also an effective, extremely satisfying workout.  I honestly wish I had learned this when I was younger, my two brothers wouldn’t have stood a chance when attempting that cheeky hair-pull.

Krave Maga teaches great basic self-defence skills whilst getting your body in good shape.  We  signed up to a classe with with instructor Ignatious who is beyond fabulous.  Working alongside his lovely wife Jeanette, together they take videos as a useful way to help you practice and learn by heart.

A brilliant class to get inspired and learn some good moves!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Make your own hat

Hello Everybody,

For this week recommendation, we are focussing on developing our crafting skills!

Have you ever wondered how those amazing hats for events such as weddings and Royal Ascot are made?  Perhaps not but it has certainly intrigued me over the wedding and race season!

We found a very easy to learn workshop which we guarantee even those of you with little confidence in your millinery skills can easily pick up; trust me!

We were blessed to meet Sahar who runs the workshops in London ( Here you can learn all about different styles and techniques and create your own headwear.  The atmosphere in the class if very friendly and I can personally promise a high satisfaction level for a new inspiring activity, give it a go and tell us about it.

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

Hi everybody,

This time we would like to inspire you to learn something new and challenging! You might think it is difficult but it is really not. With a little bit of practise anyone can learn how to solve the famous Rubik’s cube. It is great fun and helps to train your brain. Also helps with self improvement. If I can do it you can do it 😉 so don’t hesitate, order one now!
The Get Inspired Team – An