Just Dance!

Hello Everybody,

Happy to say that we are back! 🙂 Starting the new batch of videos with this great activity which has saved me so many times in my life: DANCING! I have been lucky enough to learn from the most inspiring teachers, met many friends, burnt many calories and helped me through difficult times! Can’t be grateful enough and would love to inspire all of you to go and dance no matter where you are or how old you are! Dancing brings people together and it keeps you alive…

Special thanks:

Vicki, Tomo & Ben – Bam Bam Boogies – http://www.bambamboogies.com/
Dax and Xavi Pineapple – https://www.pineapple.uk.com/
Junior – https://yorkshiredance.com/coursescla…

Love, An The Get Inspired London Team

Try out wall climbing

Hello Everybody,

this week we would like to show you how easy it is to do wall climbing. I am a proper starter and still managed to do the first two levels. It is very addictive and great fun. London offers many places and it is a great way to socialize. We have picked Arch Wall Climbing at Bermondsey (http://www.archclimbingwall.com).
This video was one of the first ones I have ever made and it was over a year ago. So nice to see how far we have come since 🙂
I have organized some group climbing this year and many of the guys are doing it regularly now which is great. And by the way my friend has just met Jared Leto while he was training so you never know, you might get as lucky as him.
I hope you will get inspired indeed and pack your kit now!

Top tips:
– use clothes you don’t mind to get ruined
– try to remember to take your liquid chalk purchased before or you end up with 5 of those at least (like me!)
– hire the shoes first then buy your ones once you got addicted
– book a lesson or find someone who has been before
Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Krav Maga


Hello Everybody,

It is the truth universally acknowledged that after a long week in the office – one has a strong urge to punch something.  Not that we are condoning physical violence in any way; but we have found an outlet that won’t land you straight into the HR department – Krav Maga.

Not only is this a very useful course but also an effective, extremely satisfying workout.  I honestly wish I had learned this when I was younger, my two brothers wouldn’t have stood a chance when attempting that cheeky hair-pull.

Krave Maga teaches great basic self-defence skills whilst getting your body in good shape.  We  signed up to a classe with http://www.urbankravmagaeastlondon.co.uk with instructor Ignatious who is beyond fabulous.  Working alongside his lovely wife Jeanette, together they take videos as a useful way to help you practice and learn by heart.

A brilliant class to get inspired and learn some good moves!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Paddleboarding

Hello Everybody,

Being somewhat at a loose end, my lovely colleague Nicholas suggested we try a lunch break paddleboard session in Paddington.

Although it may look simple, turns out it wasn’t.  However once my confidence grew the fun factor increased!  It felt amazing to overcome my fear of falling into the water, I honestly thought I would never try it and there I was paddling my heart out.

We hope you enjoy the video and get inspired!
We have used active 360 ( http://www.active360.co.uk ) as they were offering a teaser session!

Have fun!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team