Learn how to sew

Hello Everybody,

In the new episode we are showing a very different activity: sewing!!!
This one also means a lot to me as I got my first sewing machine from my grandma when I was 14. She was amazing of course. I have never really learnt how to sew properly back then but I loved it and eventually the machine broke 😦 at least hand sewing I am ok with…

20 years later I thought it was about time to learn this awesome skill! Better late than never, right? 😉

I have put myself into action and googled some places where I could do a sewing course. This is how I found Sew it with Love!
You can check all the courses here: http://www.sewitwithlove.co.uk

The beginner course was absolutely fantastic! Step by step we were taught how to use the sewing machine and how to make our own pillow case, tote bag and skirt! All in two days 🙂 Special thanks to Elena and Vanessa.

Get Inspired Ladies and learn how to sew!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Go to the Royal Ascot

Hello Everybody,

we have been lucky enough to get tickets to the Royal Ascot! It was our first time and we loved it so we decided to share some tips with you and show how amazing the atmosphere is 🙂
Make sure you wear a hat, it is great fun and make sure you bring some cash to place some bets on the horses.
My lovely friend DIta surprised me with the tickets for my birthday, thanks a million again for this amazing experience!
And thank you for Sahar for my lovely hat as well (www.saharmillinery.co.uk)!

Love, An

Freud Museum & Hampstead Heath

Hello Everybody,

Do you have a free Saturday? And the weather is good? Get on the tube and go to Swiss cottage or Finchley road! This is where you find the Sigmund Freud Museum, which is very interesting!
You can learn a lot about Freud and his family, why he escaped and what he achieved. You can see where he spent his last years and where his daughter Anna Freud lived as well! Full of history!
Then you can walk to Hampstead Heath and get some fresh air. Great places to get some food before you head to the park. If you have enough time and you re wearing comfy shoes you can walk for hours, the area is huge. Great view and a lot to discover. Also you can swim in the lake when the weather is super good.
Do not hesitate, get inspired and spend a day around Hampstead Heath!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team


Try out Free-jumping

Hello Everybody,

this week we are showing you Free-jumping in London! Great activity, even when you are a beginner just like us. Super sweaty workout, great social activity and increases confidence significantly.
There are many people who show you how to do it, the guys are very helpful. We were lucky enough to meet Emily who was happy to share and teach. Since this video which was made last year we have organized many more and the feedback was overwhelming.
Watch this short teaser and get inspired, try out Free-jumping!
We would love to hear your feedback!

Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team

Visit Holland and Hyde park

Hello everybody,

when it is a sunny weekend it is worth to check out some beautiful parks in London. Have a picnic, go for a long walk or just get a tan. This week we took our ways with lovely friends to Holland park and Hyde park! They are both on the West side. You wouldn’t believe what an amazing hidden gem Holland park is. In the heart of the park you can find the famous Kyoto garden. Don’t miss it! London has so many sides, this one is a special one. Hyde park has the Kensington palace and it’s unique garden as well. I love all the parks and hopefully we can share more and more with you in the future 🙂
If you are wondering how you can find them you can check them out here:

Have a great day out in London!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team