What is great about Lisbon?

Hello Everybody,

this episode was filmed almost 2 years ago! Get Inspired was only a dream and I didn’t have a clue about editing 🙂
We LOVED Lisbon! It is such an amazing city! It provides everything you can wish for, good food and drink, history and culture, nice places and lovely people. Can do on the budget and public transport is fantastic! Highly recommended!
I had my best travel buddy with me and we had an epic time despite of the bad weather (no risk, take an umbrella)!
Book your ticket and have fun!

Love, An

Try out wall climbing

Hello Everybody,

this week we would like to show you how easy it is to do wall climbing. I am a proper starter and still managed to do the first two levels. It is very addictive and great fun. London offers many places and it is a great way to socialize. We have picked Arch Wall Climbing at Bermondsey (http://www.archclimbingwall.com).
This video was one of the first ones I have ever made and it was over a year ago. So nice to see how far we have come since 🙂
I have organized some group climbing this year and many of the guys are doing it regularly now which is great. And by the way my friend has just met Jared Leto while he was training so you never know, you might get as lucky as him.
I hope you will get inspired indeed and pack your kit now!

Top tips:
– use clothes you don’t mind to get ruined
– try to remember to take your liquid chalk purchased before or you end up with 5 of those at least (like me!)
– hire the shoes first then buy your ones once you got addicted
– book a lesson or find someone who has been before
Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Free-jumping

Hello Everybody,

this week we are showing you Free-jumping in London! Great activity, even when you are a beginner just like us. Super sweaty workout, great social activity and increases confidence significantly.
There are many people who show you how to do it, the guys are very helpful. We were lucky enough to meet Emily who was happy to share and teach. Since this video which was made last year we have organized many more and the feedback was overwhelming.
Watch this short teaser and get inspired, try out Free-jumping!
We would love to hear your feedback!

Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team