What is great about Lisbon?

Hello Everybody,

this episode was filmed almost 2 years ago! Get Inspired was only a dream and I didn’t have a clue about editing 🙂
We LOVED Lisbon! It is such an amazing city! It provides everything you can wish for, good food and drink, history and culture, nice places and lovely people. Can do on the budget and public transport is fantastic! Highly recommended!
I had my best travel buddy with me and we had an epic time despite of the bad weather (no risk, take an umbrella)!
Book your ticket and have fun!

Love, An

Visit Bristol

Hello Everybody,

this weekend we had a great trip to Bristol! It is a beautiful city with awesome places! Also many activities and programs all the time. Last year we went to a Muppet weekend and visit some art galleries as well. We have created a quick mood video so you can get a great feel and get some inspiration. In the heart of the city there is a park with a great view, it is worth climbing up! The bridge is breathtaking and for the food and club lovers this city is heaven. You hardly need any money to get a drink or two 😉
It is very easy to get there from London and it takes only 1 hour 40 minutes. I had an amazing host, my lovely friend Emily (Big thank you!) 🙂 You can also check out all the Banksy paintings, they organize tours as well. We hope you like it!

Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team