Visit Malaga

Hello Everybody,

Those of you who know how cold and dark England can be from October till February might understand why it is so great to get on the plane and see the sun for a long weekend (at least) ;-).
This time I went to see my very good friend Judit who lives there. It was still super nice and sunny and it really helped me to charge up! We hadn’t met for 20 years before I went on this trip so we had a lot to catch up on however thanks to Facebook we have always kept in touch! And it wasn’t surprising at all that we still like the same things, talk the same and finish each others sentences.
Malaga is magical, with it’s sun and cool beach you can also go to the city as well and do so much more.
Highly recommended! Go to Malaga!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Go to Stockholm

Hello everybody,

this weekend I was lucky enough to go to Stockholm and see my lovely friend Amanda who moved there 6 months ago. She is from Brazil and I was with her when she walked in real snow the first time! Stockholm is beautiful and full of traditions. First time ever we have made you a quick interview where Amanda tells you some fun facts about Sweden and what she has learnt so far 🙂 She loves being there and I can completely understand why.
Stockholm is only 2 hours away from London so it is a perfect destination for a weekend. Very special place! Be prepared though, it is expensive :-S

We hope you like it,
Love An & Amanda