Learn how to sew

Hello Everybody,

In the new episode we are showing a very different activity: sewing!!!
This one also means a lot to me as I got my first sewing machine from my grandma when I was 14. She was amazing of course. I have never really learnt how to sew properly back then but I loved it and eventually the machine broke 😦 at least hand sewing I am ok with…

20 years later I thought it was about time to learn this awesome skill! Better late than never, right? 😉

I have put myself into action and googled some places where I could do a sewing course. This is how I found Sew it with Love!
You can check all the courses here: http://www.sewitwithlove.co.uk

The beginner course was absolutely fantastic! Step by step we were taught how to use the sewing machine and how to make our own pillow case, tote bag and skirt! All in two days 🙂 Special thanks to Elena and Vanessa.

Get Inspired Ladies and learn how to sew!

Love, An
The Get Inspired London Team

Try out Free-jumping

Hello Everybody,

this week we are showing you Free-jumping in London! Great activity, even when you are a beginner just like us. Super sweaty workout, great social activity and increases confidence significantly.
There are many people who show you how to do it, the guys are very helpful. We were lucky enough to meet Emily who was happy to share and teach. Since this video which was made last year we have organized many more and the feedback was overwhelming.
Watch this short teaser and get inspired, try out Free-jumping!
We would love to hear your feedback!

Love An,
The Get Inspired London Team

Jump out of a plane

Hello Everybody,

so far in my life this experience has given me the highest adrenalin rush for sure! I love watching this video as I feel the buzz again and again. I am not surprised that people get addicted to it so easily. I am so grateful to Agnes, it was her biggest wish due to the fact that she turned 30. Being good friends both Dita and me jumped with her 🙂
Was it scary? oh hell yes, but it was worth it! Highly recommended.
We hope you do get inspired and overcome your fear!

Love, Dita – Agnes – An
The Get Inspired London team